Love affairs
When is a painting finished? At a certain point I fall in love with the painting. In this moment it is the most beautiful painting I ever created.
Then usually I leave the painting for a few days and normally the love affair changes. The initial feeling of being in love is now over. The way I look at the painting is more critical and more demanding. The new relationship can grow deeper and can become more intimate. There is also the possibility that our ways will part. The white paint creates space for a new love affair.

Reflections on abstraction
I discovered abstract painting 27 years ago. At the time of a big relationship crisis and a separation from my girlfriend, I found the possibility to express my strong feelings with color and paint. Hundreds of pictures exploded on paper. I felt a tremendous release, and at the same time a new inner world was opening up in my art – the world of expressive intuition.
Much has changed since then in the style, technique and expression of my paintings, but what remains is this inward movement and the excitement and freedom of expressing this inner richness with colors, shapes and forms.
This inner source seems to be inexhaustible. Since that time the creative process is less a doing, but rather an event of letting it happen.

First there is a certain tingle. But suddenly one can clearly feel the heartbeat. The painting has come alive. Young and open to changes. The canvas and the colors are the invitation, and I am the instrument for this creation. Yes, it lives, and I respond to what it needs and how I can support it. Miraculously the child grows.
I give it a name – measure the dimensions and label the technique: Acrylic and mixed media.

They call it creativity. But suddenly I was aware of the situation:
I destroy the white of the canvas. I pollute this innocent space with chemicals and natural substances. I pollute the clear water and the air with the fumes of my paints. And I call it creativity.
Yes, suddenly it was clear to me: Creativity and life itself always contain destruction. With every breath I destroy hundreds of living bacteria. Unavoidable.

Already as a child I had the strong impulse to express my inner world in a creative way. My hands were the medium. Mostly I was painting and experienced enthusiasm, joy and freedom. With the giving away of the painting I also experienced love and devotion. And this is my experience to this day. With my paintings I have the possibility to express myself beyond words. What remains is a gratefulness for this opportunity and for this moment.